7:30 PM19:30


US. 1963


A rare beatnik artifact of the early 1960s, one of only a few such films made before the hippies took over Hollywood. Low budget and in b&w, it's set in Greenwich Village, with what seems like a mostly improvised script. It begins as a late film noir crime tale involving a bank robbery where only one of a group of thieves escapes with his life, as well as $90,000 in loot.

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9:00 PM21:00


FR. 1964


French filmmaker Rene Clement presents Alain Delon as a petty criminal on the run from the underground. On the Rivera, he seeks refuge in a flophouse whose soup line is served by Jane Fonda and Lola Albright. The two women move him to a Gothic mansion owned by Albright, a millionairess with a Salvation Army complex. Fonda, her cousin, is hot for him and repeatedly attempts to seduce him while someone is attempting to poison him; and his murderous former associates have got wind of his whereabouts.

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9:00 PM21:00


GE. 1976


Both the parents of a young teen who walks with crutches, goes on each their secret meeting with lovers, both surprising each other at the family's county home. The daughter arrives and initiates a guessing game of "Chinese roulette".

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9:00 PM21:00


IT. 1961


Alfredo Martelli is picked up by the police at his apartment without justification. In the precinct, he slowly discovers what the investigation is about as we discover details about his life.

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7:30 PM19:30


US. 2018

A group of mismatched friends spend a weekend together in Maine. A fun, summer comedy featuring a fantastic cast of NYC comedians.

Featuring: Carmen Christopher (The Chris Gethard Show), Ana Fabrega (Just for Laughs 'New Faces'), Jessica Frey (Netflix's The Characters), Matt Nelsen (Annoyance), Eleanore Pienta (Cocoon Central Dance Team), Lorelei Ramirez (Adult Swim), John Reynolds (Search Party, Stranger Things), Gary Richardson (SNL), and more!

“Take THE BIG CHILL, swap out its sentimentality for absurd humor and nervous energy, and you’d have something like this fresh indie comedy. Here, a group of friends reunite at a coastal vacation home for a weekend of relaxing and catching up. Things don’t go as planned and the place turns into a pressure cooker waiting to explode. Featuring a cast of New York improv actors, the film straddles the line of inspired and stupid comedy that had me LOL’ing many times over.” — Kyle McKinnon, Sidewalk Film Festival

Directed by MATT NELSEN
Shot & Edited by MARTY SCHOUSBOE

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9:00 PM21:00


JP. 2017


Q&A with the director after the film.

In a distant future, humans make the switch to android life. They abolish 'flaws' such as complicated human needs and traits such as the ability to possess and express emotion. However, a system glitch causes 'desire' to resurface in some, including Kai (Rinko Kikuchi; Pacific Rim, Babel), an android shoe-maker. Kai begins to feel an obsession with her craft, like what human beings used to have. One day, an android customer orders Kai to create a special pair of heels. Shut in the atelier, Kai remakes the shoes over and over again until it's perfect. When the customer returns, Kai finds out that one shoe doesn't quite fit. But just as Kai promised to put more work into the pair of shoes, another customer comes to demand her own special pair too.

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9:00 PM21:00


Among the films on exhibit will be Douglas Hart (Jesus and Mary Chain), Gordon Raphael (producer, Regina Spector and The Strokes), British musician She Rocola, British musician Joe Whitney (Flaming Stars), British writer Kirstie Allison (Cold Lips Magazine, UK), thrice Emmy Award nominated actor Emily O’Brien (Young and the Restless), Stephen Rutterford (Brooklyn Brothers), actor Liz Tabish (Austin, Texas), animator Olga Guse (Berlin), Latin horror film king Vinicius Santos (Sao Paulo, Brazil) and Jeffrey Wengrofsky (New York City).

Tickets $15 . . . (ticket includes one free beer)

Secrets of the Deep.JPG
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7:00 PM19:00

THE MISKATONIC INSTITUTE OF HORROR STUDIES: The Frequency of Fear: The Power and the Glory of the Motion Picture Soundtrack

Cinema has long tapped into the fundamental devices of fear in its employment of sound. Even before the advent of the loudspeaker and synchronized motion picture sound, organs and pianos collided tense sonic energy against images in the physical spaces of film exhibition parlors and nickelodeons. As humans, the audible sliver of the frequency spectrum provides a unique window into concepts of how energy and vibration physically manifest and affect the matter of our material world. After all, sound is simply vibrational energy we can hear. How we’ve arrived at organizing frequencies into the form of modern music is a mystery itself, dating back 5,000 years and involving ‘sky god visitors’ who bestowed humanity its system of measurement. Understanding our physiological experience of sound and its relation to our universe can illuminate and unlock a deeper understanding of the design of sound and music for the motion picture.

Journeying through concepts of cymatics, standing wave levitation, musical tunings, as well as film examples, demonstrations, and dissections of modern mix sessions, The Frequency of Fear guides its participants through an awakening in understanding the spiritual power of sound both onscreen and beyond.

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7:30 PM19:30


US. 2017


This is a film about a remote and overlooked corner of Queens, NY. Blissville is the former name of the town, of about eighty houses - a triangle cut off by physical barriers from the rest of the city. In addition to the world's largest fortune cookie factory; there is a factory with the exclusive rights for making replicas of the Statue of Liberty; a sushi factory, an Afghan bakery, and a giant car crusher. Through street interviews film maker Hank Linhart investigates the origin of the name of Blissville, and the character(s) of the town. Along the way we discover a nearby Romani village in the 1930's. The village was the largest gathering of Romani in the US and was known as the "Gypsy Ellis Island". The village was razed to make way for a highway to the 1939 World's Fair.

Through its dynamic mix of residents and industry Blissville is extremely rich in nationalities, many people on the first rung of immigration.

The film is about the tapestry of daily life and the resiliency of a small town in shadows of midtown Manhattan. The vitality of the town speaks to small towns everywhere.

Blissville is more of a ‘docu / poem’ than a documentary.

Q&A with the director will follow after the screening.

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7:30 PM19:30


US. 2003


Nine years in the making and shot on location in Miami, Florida and Havana, Cuba, The Subversion Agency relates the exploits of an American arms dealer (Pierre Kozlov) who is invited to the K-Zone - "a communist country somewhere in the Caribbean" - to participate in a one-on-one golf match for one million dollars (winner take all). A self-confirmed nihilist, Kozlov becomes embedded in the morass of international politics when he discovers the prize in store for the loser, which he appears destined to become. Boswell's K-Zone Republic, "formed circa 1960 during a staged soccer riot in the K-Zone capital," is awash with two-bit politicians, American black panthers on the lam, anarcho-pranksters on the underground airwaves, double agent feminists, and a golf champion formally convicted of "cultural parasitism." Threatening the narrative of the film, a Brechtian blitzkrieg of missives take form through experimental montage, double jump cuts, over edits, and aural asides that crackle with political satire and hard-boiled sarcasm. Combined with Boswell's on location footage, the film's re-contextualized archival images of Miami and Cuba work to create a fictional netherworld reminiscent of the Twilight Zone.

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7:30 PM19:30

South Brooklyn meets Greenpoint Night: COMEDY AT THE MOVIES

Jack Kearsy Presents:

South Brooklyn meets Greenpoint Night:

“Comedy at the Movies”

Featuring preformances by South Brooklyn’s top stand up Comedians:

Sammy “The Deuce” (Comic Impresionist)

Eddie Brooklyn

Chaim Samuels

Devorah Klein

And much more...

Dec. 18th 8:00pm, door: 7:30pm

Buy tickets here:

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9:00 PM21:00


A curated program of animations, performances, sounds, and other selected sensations that focus on the amorphous quality of being a body. The series will be followed by the NY premiere of Smoke's Last Thought, a new film by Miranda Javid.

Carmina Escobar, Agam Negiro (2018)
Gustav Deutsch, Film ist 1 and 1.2 (1998)
Mary Beams, Tub Film (1972)
Jamila Reddy, Are You Drinking Enough Water? (2017)
Excerpts of David Hockney from A View From the Grand Canal (1988)
Esther Leslie, Interviews (2018)
Dad Pranks (Lauren Goshinski, Isla Hansen, Kate Hansen, Elina Malkin, Nina Sarnelle, L.A. Warman), Various Sculptures, (2014)
Rosa Aiello, First Person Leaky (2014)
Austin Vaughn, Untitled Composition, filmed by Suneil Sanzgiri (2018)
Daniel Rowe, Central Square Loop (2017)
Max Guy, Worst Set Ever (2018)
Vincent Lynen, Play Boys (2016)
Sasha Bergstrom Katz, A Sequel to (2017)
Lilli Carre, Tap Water (2017)
Miranda Javid, Smoke's Last Thought (2018)
...and a few other surprises.

Buy tickets here:

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8:00 PM20:00

Film Noir Cinema presents: ESP MUSIC FESTIVAL

Matt Lavelle & Reggie Sylvester's Retrograde (trumpet and drums)

This Humidity: Marihito Ayabe, synthesizer; Steve Holtje, electric keyboard; Jochem van Dijk, electric bass and effects; Reggie Sylvester, drums

Matt Lavelle and Reggie Sylvester, New York avant-jazz scene veterans and longtime cohorts in the Bern Nix Quartet, perform in duo for their Retrograde project, an audacious extension of Interstellar Space, John Coltrane's classic duo album with drummer Rashied Ali. Visiting destinations overlooked on Trane's tour of the solar system, they craft a space suite of earthier delights. Their CD of the suite, also named Retrograde, was released earlier this year by ESP-Disk'.

Trumpeter/alto clarinetist Matt Lavelle (b. 1970) studied with avant-jazz icon Ornette Coleman and swing-era veteran Hildred Humphries (Count Basie, Billie Holiday), has worked with William Parker, Bern Nix, Roy Campbell, Daniel Carter, Jemeel Moondoc, Mat Maneri, Matana Roberts, Rashied Bakr, and folk/American improv ensemble Stars Like Fleas, etc. He collaborated with ESP fave Giuseppi Logan on the latter's late-in-life comeback and was in three of Sabir Mateen's bands for a total of ten years. Lavelle leads a variety of groups, most notably The 12 Houses, an all-star avant big band.

Drummer Reggie Sylvester (b. 1957) was a member of the early Black Rock Coalition of the mid-1980s and played with the BRC Orchestra. In For/Against Babylon and its instrumental offshoot Trio from Beyond, he opened for Blues Traveller, Spin Doctors, Ginger Baker's Middle Passage Band (album produced by Bill Laswell), and Raging Slab at Wetlands. In April 2012, he became a member of the Bern Nix Quartet, playing all their shows until Nix's death in 2017 and on their 2013 album Negative Capability. Sylvester currently co-leads avant-pop/folk group the Human Hearts Trio with singer-songwriter Lindsey Wilson and bassist Michael Trotman, a band that sometimes includes multi-instrumentalist Daniel Carter. Sylvester was commissioned by Patricia Nicholson Parker to compose and perform I Know Your Face with Wilson, Carter, Nix, and bassist Francois Grillot at the Arts for Art festival Justice Is Compassion.

Caterpillar Quartet offshoot This Humidity combines Krautrock textures with free improvisation. Formed this September, This Humidity blasts off into the cosmos powered by the grooves of Reggie Sylvester (see above).

Caterpillar Quartet co-founder Jochem van Dijk has composed music and played bass guitar in New York since 2008. Jochem has shared the stage with Fay Victor, Marvin Sewell, Daniel Carter, Darius Jones, Jeremy Carlstedt, Federico Ughi, Michael ‘TA’ Thompson, Ras Moshe, Anders Nilsson, Nick Didkovsky, and more. His latest release is Sandbox (2018), a duo with bassoonist Maribel Suarez Alonso.

Steve Holtje (electric keyboards) founded Theoretical Mustache, out of which Caterpillar Quartet grew. He composed soundtracks for Bystander (2006) and A Man Full of Days (2015). His day job is managing ESP-Disk’.

Marihito Ayabe, on modular synth and keyboards, is the multi-talented man behind projects including Loop Diaries, Helio Parallax, and Chimp Beams as well as the cassette tape label Personal Affair, which has been licensing classic ESP-Disk’ albums and releasing them on tapes.

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7:00 PM19:00

THE MISKATONIC INSTITUTE OF HORROR STUDIES: Ha! Aaah! The Painful Relationship Between Humor and Horror

From 1920’s Haunted Spooks to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the genre of horror-comedy has never really, you should excuse the expression, died.

Yet humor and horror seem pretty different; one’s a pie in the face, the other’s an axe in the skull. It’s obvious why watching someone being torn asunder would be horrible but why is the endless suffering of the Three Stooges funny? Could there be any congruencies between funny and fear, snickers and screams, gore and gags, slapstick and slaughter?


This class proposes – carefully, while remaining alert and well-armed – that the two genres are not mortal enemies.

For one thing, people in pain are a perennial part of every art; to be fascinated with human suffering is to be human. Both comedy and horror can show us how to live (and, of course, die); from Psycho we learn that Death can come to anyone at any time. Also, to always shower with a friend.

The class will examine horror’s relationship with philosophers’ explanations of comedy: Immanuel “Carrot Top” Kant’s Incongruity Theory (it’s funny when two things that don’t go together go together); Sigmund “Shecky” Freud’s Relief Theory (comedy is a rapid expulsion of tension); Thomas “Nutso” Hobbes’s Superiority Theory (“You’re in pain and I’m not – ha!”); Henri “Giggles” Bergson (comedy requires “a momentary anesthesia of the heart”); and Mel Brooks (“Tragedy is when I cut my finger; comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die”).

We’ll explore the mechanics of both using video clips and examples ranging from Frankenstein and Dracula to Abbott & Costello, and try to figure out what makes us laugh and/or scream.

We’ll see that both genres love loss of control, anarchy, the breakdown of rules and conventions – the beast within us set free. And both exploit our paradoxical feelings about helplessness: seeing someone out of control can be hilarious (a clumsy person falling) or horrifying (a clumsy person falling into a snake-pit suspended over a shark-pit next to a zombie zoo).

Both humor and horror also share a mordant view of our relationship to pain; an obsession with the human body and its multifarious fluids; and a subtext of death and transcendence underlying the eviscerated flesh and fart jokes. What could be more blood-curdlingly fun?

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8:00 PM20:00


The Quiet City Film Fest features collaborations between NYC based filmmakers and composers. Join us for a diverse program of shorts and a live score.


"Louis Burdett"

Directed, Shot and Edited by Johnny Siera. Produced by Convicts.

Music by:

X-E-S “Tonight”

Free Kata “Improvisation”

Louis Burdett Nameless”

Daniel Walker “Wonky"--

"You Only Have a Broken Heart if You Have a Heart"

Pedro Gomes and Rubens Marinelli

Music by: Gus Pereira

"Il Consorte - The Spouse"

Pietro Rocco Bradascio

Music by: Kosta T (Konstantin Trokay)


Bravo Michael Nwosu

“I’m Sorry”

Ephraim Kirkwood

Producer: Torran Wakefield-Thompson

Music by: Evan Joseph


LJ D'Arpa and Will Garofalo

Music by: Simo Peretti


Gabriel Noguez (videography)

Live Score by: Luke Schwartz

Luke Schwartz - guitar

Chris Graham - drum set

Joe Tucker - vibraphone

Door: 7:00pm

Show: 8:00pm

$10 at the door (cash only)

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7:45 PM19:45


FR. 1968


Paris, in the 1960s. A series of crimes troubles the public tranquility. On March, 22, 1968, Hélène Picard, a prostitute sentenced to death two years before for several murders, is killed by executioner Louis Guilbeau. Immediately, the violent crimes, similar to Hélène’s ones, go on again. In parallel, Louis is having an affair with the police woman in charge of the investigation… What are the obscure relations hidden behind the executioner and the mysterious killer? Who is this dark man in reality?

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8:00 PM20:00


SPOOKY FEST is an annual horror-themed short film festival presented by Video Mass, a Brooklyn-based filmmaker’s collective. This year Video Mass focuses on the twists and turns of the dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity in The Spooky Zone. Come join us for a night of spooks and laughs! Drinks with the filmmakers after the show!

Buy tickets here:

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