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One of the great mysteries of our existence is the nature of death. It thus looms as both a certainty and a profound unknown, framing our every deed.

If, somehow, we can fully understand what death actually is, we can better understand life in light of whatever meaning it may have. Unfortunately, the scientific community, such as it is, has not (yet?) developed a technique for effectively exploring this terrain. Fortunately for us seekers-of-the-Truth there is CINEMA, which dares traverse dangerous and otherwise unchartered realms.

Secrets of the Dead Film Festival will display ten short films choosing death across genre: narrative, documentary, music video, experimental, and animation.

Plus mystical-musical performance by Alec Redfearne and Jason O'Toole.

Admission: $15 comes with choice of a free drink.

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Earlier Event: November 2
Later Event: November 3